Angle Radiator -Light

Product Design

Radiator proposal for the "Atlantic Design" 2017 competition.

Create your interior optimally, no longer considering your angles as lost spaces!

We usually encounter some problems with the usual radiators: bulky, and occupying a space that then becomes binding, see almost unusable. However, fill the angles rarely used, by hanging radiators allows to free these previously congested spaces.
Inspired by the origin of the medieval torch, ELEGANTIA wants to be elegant, discreet, knowing how to make it forget. With a slender shape and reasonable dimensions, it will integrate best with your interiors through sober colors such as black, brushed metal, white, sand or anthracite gray.

Connected, and communicating, it is compatible with COZYTOUCH technology.

** It is also possible to integrate the lighting function, and thus allow the heat to reconnect with its luminous origin. The radiator will see it then put forward while keeping its potential for discretion thanks to its dual functionality that would not be only seasonal.


Heating - Radiator - Angle - Connected - Wall - Lighting - Furniture - Discretion - Elegant


Published on: February 10, 2017