Event Logo

Graphic Creation

Exercise consisting in producing a logo proposal for the Rhumbellion event of the 3 Rivières brand.

To support the dynamism of the event I decided to use an italic typo brush, in contrast with a linear typo to mark both the festive spirit of the event on the serious and professional side of the competition.

The orange color brings warmth to the physical and semantic heat of the tropical world and festivities.
The blue color, when it is almost turquoise remains in the overall idea of the graphic chart of Three Rivers and helps with their logo to link the event to their brand image.

Of course, the iconic image of the shaker, which has become the emblem of bartenders, contextualises and informs at first glance the nature of the event.


Logotype - Event - Competition - Rum - Festivities


Published on: December 10, 2016